About Uretek

In 2000, Marc Spencer and Scott Turnage partnered to form one of the first affiliates of URETEK USA, the original patent on the process of using polyurethane foam to stabilize soil and lift foundations. For over 20 years, URETEK DFW has put thousands of customers in control of their concrete slab lifting problems, saving them millions of dollars in costly repairs, downtime, and disruption.

wHY uretek?

As entrepreneurs, Marc and Scott identified the growth potential of using polyurethane to solve soil issues notorious to the region and they wanted to create a work environment people would appreciate. They began with a small team of employees dedicated to serving clients in North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, eventually expanding to Central Texas. Many of those original employees are still a part of the URETEK family today.

Throughout our history, we have innovated, experimented, and pivoted to establish URETEK as the premier provider of polyurethane geotechnical services. Our team’s technical knowledge, unrivaled experience, and dedication enable us to consistently deliver successful results for our customers, many of whom have been with us from the start.

In November 2021, Cultivate Venture Partners acquired URETEK. Cultivate CEO Troy Austin was searching for a business with a great reputation, a unique product, and long-term employees. He found what he was looking for in URETEK South.

Together with Scott Turnage and the URETEK team, Cultivate is working to enhance URETEK’s position in the marketplace and grow it so that it remains the market leader for years to come.

cultivate and thrive

"We believe that when people find joy in what they do, everyone thrives: the company, the clients, the individuals, and our community. URETEK started as a small business providing a valuable service for its customers. We are committed to aligning that client experience to our employee experience resulting in a workplace environment that cultivates personal and professional growth while providing best-in-class service to our customers.”

Our Values


We believe complex problems can have simple solutions.


Our expertise is cultivated through repetition, allowing us to produce consistent results.


We prioritize quality and exceptional service.


We believe sharing knowledge and insight is an expert's responsibility.

Pursuing Joy

Whether at work, at home, or in your community, we believe you should enjoy what you do.

A Strong Company Starts with a strong Foundation.

At Cultivate Venture Partners, we believe we’re stronger together.
We believe in cultivating ventures that strengthen and sustain lives. We are committed to cultivating the right soil that encourages and supports our people to pursue personal growth in all aspects of life so they can thrive.