Foundation Repair

Foundation repair can be an expensive and highly disruptive process. URETEK’s proprietary polymer injection foundation repair method is a fast and effective way to stabilize foundation issues without excavation and at a fraction of the cost of traditional pier methods.

Quick and Cost-Effective Foundation Stabilization

Foundation issues don’t get better, they only get worse. The longer you wait, the chances are the repair is going to be more expensive. Damage caused by the foundation issues—such as slab cracking, wall cracking, and misalignment of your frame—can further exacerbate the costs.

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Why Foundation Repair?

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We would recommend URETEK to anyone needing foundation repair. The team is very informative about what you do and did a great job.”

How easy is the uretek South process?

Our professional crew shows up onsite in uniform and works with you to make sure the project is as minimally invasive to your home or business as possible.

We drill holes smaller than a dime in diameter to access the voids below your slab. Through those holes, we inject our proprietary polymers that are specifically formulated to stabilize soils and lift your slabs. Within 25 minutes after injection, our job is done. It’s as easy as that!

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When it comes to making the best repair decision, it's important to understand your options. Schedule a free consultation with a URETEK Foundation Repair expert to help you assess the problem and come up with a repair plan.