Culvert Repair
Made Simple


Made Simple

The URETEK process is a fast, no excavation culvert repair solution that restores culvert drainage and stops settlement and soil loss in its tracks.

Extend the Life of your infrastructure

Failing culverts are a big problem for managers of stormwater drainage systems. When culverts begin to crack, settle, experience joint separation, or have severe loss of support soils, the result can be catastrophic. Soil loss due to water infiltration or washout, can cause sinkhole like conditions in above structures such as roadways, dams and levees, and buildings, leading to more complaints by citizens.

HOw we help

Step 1:
Request A Consultation

Quickly determine if your separated joint is a good candidate for repair with the URETEK process by contacting us and connecting with a specialist.

Step 2:
Make A Plan

After reviewing your project, your Specialist develops a plan to accomplish your project goals. If needed, they may recommend trusted third party specialists such as engineers or inspections.

Step 3:
Get To Work

Once hired, our crews seal your infrastructure joints quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal downtime to your community.

Start the Joint Sealing repair process today.

Champion innovation

Be a leader in redefining how you repair your aging culverts. By implementing the URETEK South process, you can shorten project times, stretch your budgets, and avoid replacement for decades. Plus, feel good about making the environmentally friendly decision, keeping more concrete out of the landfill.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We would recommend URETEK South to anyone needing foundation repair. The team is very informative about what you do and did a great job.”

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