URETEK’s soil stabilization solution is a minimally invasive method for densifying and compacting the soils at depth, restoring the soil load-bearing capacity without excavation.

Extend the Life of your infrastructure

When soils weaken below a structure, repairing those soils without excavation is a nearly impossible and very costly task. Without addressing the weak soils underneath a building or structure, the soil erosion and subsidence will continue and the problems will worsen. This may cause irreparable damage and may require more intrusive methods such as excavation or demolition.

HOw we help

Step 1:
Request A Consultation

Quickly determine if your project is a good candidate for repair with the URETEK process by contacting us and connecting with a specialist.

Step 2:
Make A Plan

After reviewing your project, your Specialist develops a plan to accomplish your project goals. If needed, they may recommend trusted third party specialists such as engineers or inspections.

Step 3:
Get To Work

Once hired, our crews seal your infrastructure joints quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal downtime to your community.

Start The Soil Stabilization process today.

Reduce Project Costs & Save Time

Using URETEK’s soil stabilization solution you’ll save money and time reducing interruption to business operations. It’s not only convenient but practical for restoring structural integrity. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We would recommend URETEK to anyone needing foundation repair. The team is very informative about what you do and did a great job.”

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