Rapid Pool Crack Repair for YMCA in Bellevue, Washington

Problem At the YMCA facility in Bellevue, Washington rising water bills were becoming an issue. Administrators noticed a number of small cracks at the edge of the swimming pool and between small tiles at various places around the pool. Closer inspection following selected tile removal revealed voids underneath the cracks. Faced with a serious problem […]

Competition Natatorium Stabilization in Fairfax, Virginia

Problem Since it opened in 1998, the Jim McKay Natatorium at George Mason University in Virginia has hosted numerous world-class swimming events that have showcased the talents of a long line of Olympic champions. The facility’s competition pool measures 25 yards by 50 meters and is surrounded by an all-tile deck. In 2012, campus administrators […]

Vacation Resort Pool – Sevierville, TN

Project Challenges Pool constructed on fill materials. Pool had cracked and leaked, saturating the fill materials and accelerating the settlement. Customer experienced a slope failure behind the pool a few months before treatment. Design Approach Fill voids and increase bearing capacity at pool and stabilize slope behind pool. Use the URETEK Deep Injection® Process to […]

Medical Clinic Emergency Foundation Repair at US Air Force Academy

Problem At the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, the 10th Medical Group (10th MDG) conducts operations from a dual-purpose facility, with a clinic and surgical center on the ground floor and administrative headquarters upstairs. In early 2020, the ground floor at the 10th MDG facility was undergoing a renovation project. While trenching […]

Custom Injection Pattern Solves Settlement Issue in Tennessee

Problem Outside Tullahoma, Tennessee, the approaches on both sides of a triple box culvert had settled repeatedly over the years, resulting in dips at the surface and poor rideability. The asphalt paving was overlaid multiple times, and state highway officials had tried other more extensive repairs as well. Despite all their efforts, the settlement issues […]

Culvert Repair in Corbin, Kentucky

Problem In Corbin, Kentucky, on 3606 between KY 6 and Radio Tower Rd, District 11 engineers encountered pavement subsidence above two culverts about 0.25 miles apart. These dips and the problems associated with the weak surrounding soils presented both rideability and safety issues for motorists. To preserve commuter traffic flow, engineers needed a solution to […]

Storm Water Culvert Repair in Florida

Problem In Palm Coast, Florida, a 60-inch corrugated metal pipe (CMP) stormwater culvert began leaking through multiple joints at two separate locations along Belle Terre Parkway. These leaks allowed fines to migrate into the stormwater culvert resulting in weakened soil conditions and subsidence of the asphalt roadway above. With the extent of the weakened soils […]

Rapid Repairs for a State Liquor Warehouse Floor Stabilization

Problem In 2012, the State of Wyoming purchased a warehouse for use as a storage and distribution hub for Wyoming’s statewide liquor inventory. Shortly after purchase, officials installed new 15-foot tall shelving units to store over $18 million worth of liquor inventory. Soon after the liquor inventory was stocked, however, warehouse managers noticed cracks developing […]

Industrial Support Column Stabilization at University of Tennessee

Problem The University of Tennessee purchased an historic warehouse structure to consolidate their Facility Support Services department, which had previously been spread around various locations on campus. The 100,000 square foot building dated back to the early 1930s and had once been the site of a nationally recognized marble processing plant. The university undertook a […]

Twin Warehouse Foundation Repair

Problem Two identical grain storage buildings in South Dakota (one in Roscoe, the other in Andover) were experiencing concrete foundation settlement. The buildings each store 1.5 million bushels of grain, are 600 feet long by 135 feet wide, and feature a series of tunnels beneath them to assist with grain conveyance and to provide ventilation. […]