Case Studies

Vacation Resort Pool – Sevierville, TN

Project Challenges

  • Pool constructed on fill materials.
  • Pool had cracked and leaked, saturating the fill materials and accelerating the settlement.
  • Customer experienced a slope failure behind the pool a few months before treatment.

Design Approach

  • Fill voids and increase bearing capacity at pool and stabilize slope behind pool.
  • Use the URETEK Deep Injection® Process to increase the bearing capacity of the fill materials below the pool and to create a curtain wall of stabilized soils behind the pool.
  • Use the URETEK Method to fill voids directly below the pool slab.

Project Support

  • Preliminary concept discussions and budgeting provided to engineering firm.
  • Contract directly with customer, while also coordinating with engineer, pool contractor, and corporate level management.


  • Ahead of Schedule: Work performed in eight days versus 10-day contract term, despite utility location issues.
  • Foundation Soils Strengthened: The operation increased bearing capacity and stabilized the soils.
  • 5% Under Budget