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The Environmental Benefits of URETEK HDP

This month, we are expanding on the often-overlooked environmental benefits of choosing URETEK. The rapid-setting URETEK material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Some of the environmental advantages of using URETEK HDP  are:

  1. Reduced Need for Excavation: Our solution requires no excavation beyond the penny-sized holes needed for polymer injection. This results in less disturbance to the environment, a drastic reduction in the amount of waste, and minimizes the carbon footprint of the overall project. We do not require excavation, hauling, dump fees, traffic control, excessive downtime for businesses, or other hidden factors that raise an individual project’s financial and environmental costs.
  2. Reduced Material Usage: URETEK HDP is lightweight and expands upon injection, allowing it to fill voids and stabilize soil without needing large amounts of material. Less material contributes to minimizing waste and also helps reduce the project time on-site.
  3. Long-Lasting Solution: We provide durable solutions for soil stabilization, reducing the need for future repairs and lessening the project’s overall environmental impact.
  4. Non-Toxic:  Our polymer utilizes a fully EPA-approved, non-CFC, non-HFC, zero-ozone-depleting blowing agent. The URETEK material is also NSF61 certified, which means it is safe when installed in and around pipes and tanks that hold our drinking water. So not only will our solution solve your foundation stabilization issues, but it will also do so with little environmental impact.
  5. Minimal Disruption: The injection of URETEK HDP does not disrupt the surrounding area, helping minimize the project’s impact on the environment and reducing the need for additional remediation or restoration work.

While a broad range of benefits regarding using HDP technology for stabilization, sealing, and leveling is often discussed, the above ancillary benefits are often overlooked. As our team often points out, every solution has a cost, but URETEK will consistently offer more value in production costs. Reach out to a member of our team to discuss your next project and reduce the environmental impact with URETEK.

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