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Six Advantages of UDI

Structural repair projects can be disruptive and expensive. But, at URETEK, we know it doesn’t need to be.

There are 6 Advantages of the URETEK Deep Injection (UDI) Process we pioneered:

 #1 Fast

UDI requires no excavation, and projects can often be completed in hours or days. Traditional repair methods often involve excavation; the time needed for project completion can be weeks.

 #2 Economical

The repair process is priced consistently below alternative repair methods, and implementing repairs now significantly reduces further repair costs down the road.

 #3 Durable

URETEK’s 486 Star polymer is specially formulated for stability and strength, even in the harshest environments. Our polymer is hydro-insensitive, and UDI is warranted against loss of dimensional stability or deterioration.

#4 Effective

URETEK’s 486 Star polymer material has been used to successfully complete over 100,000 projects nationwide. The lightweight, expansive geo-polymer material realigns concrete pavement and addresses the problem at the source – weak soil composition – giving customers a long-lasting solution.

#5 Minimally Disruptive

Unlike other repair methods, UDI is minimally disruptive and requires no excavation.

#6 Safe

Liability risk is significantly reduced with UDI due to an inherently safer working environment without deep excavation or heavy equipment. The process and material are eco-friendly and meet today’s high environmental standards.

The URETEK material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. URETEK polymer utilizes a fully EPA-approved, non-CFC, non-HFC, zero-ozone-depleting blowing agent. For specific projects, URETEK material is NSF61 certified, which means that it is proven safe when installed in and around pipes and tanks holding our drinking water.

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